the application of a medium to a surface

has been a fundamental starting point in all my work

a material or tool chosen to produce the image

relates to all aspects of the creative development

and is primary in the final form or context of the piece

influencing both imaginative and practical thought processes throughout

once the method of creating a mark has been developed

the selection of what this will become and the location of the imagery begins to take place

resulting in an overall action

this action is then manipulated, repeated and refined

until a final outcome is produced, creating an event or effect

within or around the surface being used


a location is chosen; this can be anywhere and for any reason

the only brief is a mark in the location must be made and recorded

these can be real locations or contrived sets

created for the piece and serves only as an area to be effected

by the introduction of the imagery

the surface then will merge with the image applied

and another stage of the development begins

creating a visual representation directed to the onlooker

once the image has been transferred onto a surface

control of the process is lost, until a response to the mark takes place

a location can create recognition from the onlooker

adding to the visual experience

invoking memories and feelings or resulting in

repetition identification of the image


through my past experience within the uk graffiti scene

the processes and techniques used have influenced me

both in my creative past and present

from creating paintings in the dead of night

to marking the towns and cities of yorkshire where i grew up

my current work uses memories or actions retracing these experiences

from roaming the streets in the early hours of the morning

to painting my name in nondescript locations

some pieces have a direct connection from this period

whilst others use moments snatched in time

chance encounters, smells and sounds experienced

in the end my work is biographical to a point

expressing a period of time from my early teens to the present day

only as varied and diverse, as the life that has been lead